Finally I’ve happily graduated from Kuwait university – computer engineering after spending 5 years of studying and solving HWs and projects,,, the last 2 days were amazing, 15-16/6/2011. Attending the engineering design exhibition 2011 was awesome,, I’ll miss college and the good times I used to spend with my friends,,,

I’d like to thank all the people that were so supportive and caring for the last 5 years, I’d also like to thank my amazing team “Elseware” for all their hard work and creative ideas during this semester,,,,

Some people can’t see how hard we worked and tried to solve a real problem that exists around the world, and as a result of the hard work we got the first place as the best computer engineering project in Kuwait university…

“engineering is not just about innovation, it’s about creativity and using our daily resources to solve a problem in a clever and economic way” ~Ahmad A. AlOun



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